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Foundation is the base of growing your competencies and so, your career
opportunities with our team. We have 4 basic competencies that you’ll need to
master in order to grow as a professional.


Working in a matrix fast-paced organization, communication is key for getting things done. In the 3 workshops you will understand your personal communication style, what cultural differences you will encounter in communication and how to use assertiveness to collaborate with others.


When you’re new in your job, everything seems complex. In these workshops you will learn how to crunch your responsibilities in various levels of complexity, what instruments to use in order to make complex simple and how to ask for help.

Interpersonal Savvy

In your work, behind numbers, emails and quotations, are people. In order to get all of the above right, you need to master your way into working with people. In these workshops you’ll learn your strengths and weaknesses when interacting with others, how to improve your working style and how to make friends when you need to.

Plans & Aligns

Multitasking is an illusion. But for that matter, we still believe in it. In these workshops you’ll learn how to organize your work, how to decide your priorities and how to save a project when it might seem it’s too late.


GROWTH is when you take your career one step forward. These 4
competencies will teach you how to become reliable in your work
and offer you various career path in the organization.


Courage is what we need to move forward in life. And work. In our workshops you’ll learn how courage looks in your role, what keeps you away from it and strategies to enhance courage in your day to day behavior.


Collaboration In these workshops you will learn how to use partnership to get things done, what means collaboration in various cultures and what personal assets you have that others could use to work with you in a positive way.

Presentation skills

Presentation skills in these 3 workshops you will have the chance to speak up, see yourself in camera, learn how to make an impact business presentation and lose the stage fright.


Delegation advancing in your responsibilities within the company, you’ll be in a position to lead others. In these workshops you’ll learn how to be a better mentor and coach for your new colleagues, how to use delegation as a tools for growth, for both you and the people you’re working with and how to empower others.


You can be oriented towards achieving results and interested in the development of others in the same
Studies have shown that the best leaders are the ones who succeed in doing both!
It's time to hone your skills so far! The program will help you to develop on the basis of decisive skills in training successful leaders:

Drive for Results

It is the competence by which you will act decisively, with confidence and self-confidence, in reaching and exceeding professional goals.

We will train you during the 3 workshops on Professional Motivation, Self-reflection and Change. You will learn and practice strategies and techniques that will help you to become persistent, analytical and adaptable in the context of your specific role and professional duties.

Developing Others

It is the competence by which you will guide and help others to develop their skills and level of professional performance.

In the 3 workshops on Coaching, Evaluation and Assumption you will create your career path, you will learn how to support employees in developing their careers, how to evaluate them constructively and to motivate them.

Soft Skills Trainer

Irina Zecheru

Irina sees herself as a trainer passionate about people and tech.

Irina sees herself as a trainer passionate about people and tech.

After studying arts history in Romania and abroad and after 8 years of delivering learning
experiences (aka trainings), Irina can say worship: “I’m still learning!” What do art and training
have in common?

Irina’s answer can be found in the words of one of her favourite artists.
Paul Klee sums up his work as: “A line is a point taking a walk.”
In the last years, Irina’s experience meant delivering licenced trainings and growing in defining
her own on team preparation on hard and soft skills. She was mentor, team leader and content

Voice Sculptor

Andrei Țigănaș

I’ve been working in communication for 13 years already: radio, television, public presentations.

Hello! My name is Andrei Țigănaș, „voice sculptor”. I’ve been working in communication for
13 years already: radio, television, public presentations.
My vision is a community based on people that speak energy, force and passion. I believe
that a good communicator sends trust, sympathy and becomes a leader of his community.
My mission is to help people know their voice and to work with it.
Basically, I will help you improve diction, the power of your voice, intonation and everything
that might make you become more attractive for a person or a group of people.
Public Speaking Trainer

Raluca Culda

My passions concern human behavior, books and public speaking.

Hello, my name is Raluca!
My passions concern human behavior, books and public speaking. All of this thanks to my
grandfather who made his personal mission to show me the power of education.
I have the privilege to combine them in over 12 years of national and international projects
as part of companies’ development through the training of managers and business processes
My work is based on the belief that managers can make a growing experience from every
interaction with team members. It frustrates me most when I see captive managers of their
teams. They have the business vision, they understand the clients’ needs but they are stuck
when the time comes to implement them with the people they work with.
My mission is to teach managers and business owners how to make more money and use
their time in a healthy way, implementing strategies for high performing teams.


Nowadays, it’s safe to say that a lot of people acknowledge the challenges we are up against in our modern jobs. We might find ourselves in a cycle of habits and choices, where we might find ourselves stuck and our relationships, results and collaboration at work are effected. Therefore our well-being at work can suffer.

There is good news: Healthy habits can be formed, and like a plant, once rooted, we flourish with daily nourishment.

When we work on building positive habits, we’re able to approach each day to our fullest potential and bring our best selves into working relationship, addressing the daily challenges and preparing us towards the future roles in our career. We will address becoming the better us, approaching the following:

  • Understanding ourselves and others
  • Developing strong relationships at work
  • Presenting our requests with most chances to be heard
  • Making good decisions
  • Organizing ourselves to reach the work – life balance
  • Growing our Business acumen

We’ve tapped into some of the top scientific methods to learn more about how people can optimize daily routines and cultivate habits. With this knowledge and daily repetition of new habits learned will help you achieve your goals in the modern hustle – at work – and beyond


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Read, learn, practice

Education opens up the mind, expands it and allows you to improve your life in so many ways.

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We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

“I’ve learned how each of us has a different motivation. We don’t follow all the same objective. Through this program, I’ve got the chance to appreciate what are our priorities and how can we organize and efficiently work with it.

The program made me aware about my knowledge and how to connect it. The information is clearer and helps me every day. Only with exercise and perseverance we can change everything.”


“I think that the trainings of Power of Habit Foundation are very interesting. Besides the fact that I’ve got to know new people and visions, I’m able to make a self-analysis after every training. The most interesting part so far was when I was able to analyze the way I communicate and how can I study more about assertive communication techniques. Look, I’m already writing this in 1 st person, I talk about me, and not the others, all of us who were together at the same training. 🙂

I like Power of Habit because it gets me out of my comfort zone, make a self-assessment, learn new things about me, become more determined and face unpleasant or new situations.”


“POH program helped me gain more trust in the message I want to send, all this thanks to an intermediary evolution of self-trust. I know how to better express my needs and my message. At least, that’s how I feel. As I said, self-confidence 🙂 ”


“Power of Habit helped me realize our intrinsic behavior that is programmed into us by nature and by the community we grew up in. In a lots of cases we need to realize how and why our behavior influences other people and our work.

Sometimes the reaction to a problem is based on feeling and not on logic. I would consider these workshops really essential in our day to day life, since we are working together as One Emerson and not only the technical skills and knowledges are important, but also how to interact in the best way and to get the most out of yourself in every situation.”


“The trainings are fresh, interactive, got you thinking about the things you already know, but put in other perspective, easier to apply and appreciate. It sticks with you.”

Oana H.

“POH made me understand the importance of effective communication, how to say in the right way the message I want to share and it helped me understand the cultural differences from this company and how to interact better with the others.

Definitely helped me understand why with some people the communication can be so easy and why with others can be so difficult (high context, low context), why a few people are so mean (from my understanding) when are giving a negative feedback and some are saying it so nicely that I barely understand if I did something wrong or not.”


“Thanks to POH module, I’ve got to understand the way my colleagues that I work from outside the office get to thinking and act. I’ve understood that I’m the one who has to change the perspective on seeing things and that change has to come first from your side.

I’ve learned to have the courage to tell people that I work with what I think it should be changed or improved. And I had the great surprise to receive a positive feedback from them about the suggestions I’ve had.”

Catalina Pop


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